New Blog; Who Dis?

Welcome to the new Blog!

4 Sep 2018

Since I properly started blogging I have used a (very hacked up) Tumblr blog. This was fine for a while but over time it proved to be more trouble than the benefits I got from it. I’ve been wanting to move it off it over the last couple of years as I have moved my hosting to Netlify and static files (with https support).

As such this week I decided to take the plunge and move my blog to Jekyll on my site. It still needs some work, but it functions! The tech stack is Jekyll static site running on Netlify being pulled from GitHub, with content created in NetlifyCMS. It is awesome!

(I’ve also cleared out some older posts that are no longer relevent, especially from that time I tried to run a link-blog.)

This stack also powers the backend for my podcast so it’s all integrated. I want to add a page for projects soon too, then I think I’ll have a modern functioning website I’m actually proud of!