Introducing The Collection

25 Oct 2015

Read Edition One online now

Today I’m starting a new website, a magazine of sorts. We need a way to share all the great things we find online in a more manageable way than multiple Facebook posts. The Collection is the first step towards that. A weekly digest of some things I think you should read, The Collection aims to introduce you to the wide range of cool topics across the internet you’d have never crossed before.

It’s currently very much so a minimum viable product, that will be iterated upon rapidly. A one way street right now, if reception is good I’d love to take it towards a community.

With no plans for monetisation, very little free time to be committing to a weekly schedule, and no idea of potential reception, The Collection is an experiment. It will most likely not succeed, but I’m willing to try.

If you have any thoughts, shoot me message. For now, read Edition One.

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