Demo Remote

Seamless Live Coding Demos!

March 23, 2019

Demo Remote is a tool for using a remote device (e.g., a mobile phone or tablet) to control snippets used in live coding demos. It reads the code blocks from any markdown file and renders them on any device with a web browser. Tapping a code block makes its content instantaneously available to be pasted on your Mac.


  • Use any markdown file containing code blocks (formatted in blocks of three back-ticks: ```.)
  • Quickly switch files and all remotes immediately update.
  • Allow multiple remote connections or just white list by IP address.
    I reccommend you enable the white list when presenting to prevent someone else wrecking havoc on your presentation (or just reading ahead in the script)
  • Super small and lightweight. Demo Remote stays out of your way in the status bar and never make noise or sounds during a presentation.
  • Smooth, Fast, and Simple. Does one thing, and does it well!
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Privacy Policy

I don’t want your data, I don’t even have somewhere to collect it.

Demo Remote includes no analytics packages or code. There is no server for it to be sent to anyway. If you opted into macOS system analytics on your device, then aggregate data is shared through Apple’s developer services.

Demo Remote exists to provide a simple tool for people doing live coding demos. Demo Remote costs money (excluding when on sale) and has no alterntive monetisation strategies. I don’t want to know anything about you and I have no way of doing so.